The polyphony created by differing artistic voices plays a vital role in the project ONLY CONNECT which brings together four directors;

Yutaka Inagawa, artist duo Mouhitori (Tamaki Ono & Kiyohito Mikami) and Hitomi Kamemoto (Studio Niji).

The participant’s concerns as artists or curators are used to construct an interdisciplinary platform for contemporary experiments and idea sharing.

Design direction: Studio Niji


The title for this project was borrowed from the epigraph for Howards End, a 1910 novel by E. M. Forster. In society, we often encounter opposing ideas on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. and in such circumstances this term, “only connect,” reflects one’s approach in moving closer to people with values, thoughts and customs different to our own. Paradoxically, “only connect” also conveys a sense that we will never fully understand another person, even after getting to know them very well. Today’s innovations and advances in transportation and communication networks have boosted economic, cultural and personal interaction. At the same time, however, they have made our lives even more complex. In this sense, it is absolutely imperative to have mutual understanding of those with diverse backgrounds in order to be able to respond to the numerous issues that we face. Thus, although the term “only connect” comes from a novel dating all the way back to 1910, it still resonates strongly today.

Exhibitions by ONLY CONNECT 

ONLY CONNECT OSAKA (2019, Osaka, Japan)

dr/op: Beyond Boundaries (2017 Singapore) 

dr/op (2016 Onomichi, Japan)

Dogs in a Room (2015 Onomichi, Japan)

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