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[upcoming project/curation] ONLY CONNECT OSAKA ( director/artist ) , Creative center Osaka, Osaka, Japan

Possibilities remain on the fringe,

                                                                     Cloaked, impalpable,

Remnants and possessions,                                        Focal points lost,

                       Rituals transcend,

                                                             Constellations will be folded.



The polyphony created by differing artistic voices plays a vital role in the project ONLY CONNECT (OC) which brings together four directors; artist Yutaka Inagawa, artist duo Mouhitori (Tamaki Ono & Kiyohito Mikami) and Hitomi Kanemoto (STUDIO NIJI). The quartet’s concerns as artists and curators are used to foster an interdisciplinary platform for contemporary experiments and idea sharing. For this project the directors also welcomed the artists Soshi Matsunobe and Hitoko Urago to work with them as part of the OC OSAKAartist-curator team. 

         In this installation a crop mark, commonly seen at the edge of a design in commercial printing, is employed to create a mapping grid. Using this grid the curators organise and ritualise the contributions of participating artists. The directors play the role of an unseen medium—transmitting the ontological subtext of the artworks.

         In total, 5000 artworks including unique “archival objects” created through past OCactivities are installed across two stories at Creative Center Osaka (CCO).

         These artworks, captured within a cryptic taxonomy created by OC, are presented in an ambiguous state, as forensic evidence or disintegrated relics. Gathered onto floors and walls objects representative of the artists’ spirits create a layered galaxy containing patterns of multiple alignment.    

         OC OSAKAis the fourth exhibition to stem from the ONLY CONNECTcollective following Dogs in a Room(2015, Onomichi), dr/op(2016, Onomichi) and dr/op: Beyond Boundaries(2017, Singapore, guest curator: Boo Sze Yang).


ON L Y  C O N N E C T  O S A K A

23 Februarythrough17 March 2019

@Creative Center OSAKA (CCO), Admission Free

Friday–Sunday, 10:30–19:00(Last entry: 18:30)

Closed on Monday (open on 11 March), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

presented and directed by:       

ONLY CONNECT (Yutaka Inagawa / Mouhitori / Hitomi Kanemoto)  + Hitoko Urago / Soshi Matsunobe

supported by :

Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka, Osaka City, NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL SINGAPORE

design direction:

Shoji Katsume (STUDIO NIJI)

assisted by:   

Masami Naza, Takuya Sakamoto

media partner:

Glass Magazine |

with additional assist from :

ANOMALY, Baert Gallery, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Hagiwara Projects, VITRINE Gallery, MORI YU Gallery, Komyoji-Kaikan

Participating Artists

Bibah AKHYAR (MY) /  Izat ARIF (MY) / Momoko ASANO (JP) / Bakir BAHARUM (MY) / Taro FURUKATA (JP) / Ludovica GIOSCIA (IT) / Boyang HOU (US) / Chih-Chi HSU (TW) / Yutaka INAGAWA (JP) / Genki ISAYAMA (JP) /  Yoko KAWAGUCHI (JP) /  Andreas KRESSIG (CH) /  Hochoul LEE (JP) /  Michael LEE (SG) /  MAIX (collective, MY) /  Soshi MATSUNOBE (JP) /  Kiyohito MIKAMI (JP) /  Mouhitori (artist duo,JP) /  Rozana MUSA (MY) /  ONG Si Hui (SG) /  Tamaki ONO (JP) /  Abdul Latiff PADZALI (MY) /  Ismail RAHIM (MY) /  SAI (SG) /  João SEGURO (PT) /  GOH Chai Seng (MY) /  Fiona SEOW (SG) /  Andrew STAHL (UK) /  Hayato SUGII (JP) /  Anwar SUHAIMI (MY) /  Shooshie SULAIMAN (MY) /  Keisuke TANAKA (JP) /  TANG Kwok Hin (HK) /  Morgane TSCHIEMBER (FR) /  Silia Ka TUNG (CN) /  Hitoko URAGO (JP) /  LG WILLIAMS (US) /  Akira YASUDA (JP) /  YIM Sui Fong (HK)

 (*In alphabetical order of artists’ (sur)names / project titles)

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press release (jp)

Yutaka Inagawa